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  1. [RULES] Ingame Rules Grand Fantasia
  2. Mini Shop Update
  3. The new Alchemy Templates:
  4. Legacy sets: Have you lost a piece of your set?
  5. Server updates, Maintenance from today 01/07/2015
  6. New system for Game Sage Events.
  7. New Bonus Shop and Upgraded Rate for Normal Alchemy
  8. [CHARACTERS] New services: Name Change and Character Restore
  9. [CHARACTERS] Special Services, completed list.
  10. Server updates, Maintenance 02/11/2015
  11. [SHOP] Scale/Bonos: Bonos Reset!!!
  12. [WEB] New Tool for your Accoun! Spent Coins Metter!
  13. [GUIDE] How to submit a ticket to GiocoPay?
  14. [GUIDE] How to Donate?
  15. New Prizes for GS Events!!
  16. New Rule about Restricted Maps and Quimera Title
  17. New Gems in Normal Alchemy
  18. [IMPORTANT] Characters with stones with higher level than required. SOLUTION
  19. [CLIENT] New Multilingual Client
  20. [STAFF] GS Recruitment - 2015/10
  21. [STAFF] GS Recruitment - February 2016
  22. [SERVER] Level 100 Update Notice
  23. [SERVER] Level 100 Update is ready!
  24. Welcome to GF Online! Characteristics of our server!
  25. [OLD THREAD] GM Surprise: General Information and List of Items
  26. [Notice] Lost Archive Items
  27. New Special Vendor and +10 Fortification Normal Alchemy
  28. [IN-GAME] Taro Kings Schedule Updated!
  29. [NOTICIAS] August GM Wish Update!
  30. Level Restriction Rules and List of Maps with Minimum Level Allowed
  31. GS Recruitment - August 2016
  32. New Genki Mount System!
  33. [GM Surprise]Speedy Mounts with Discounts!
  34. [UPDATE] Fortificacion +20! Also, Fortification +13 with gold!
  35. [GM WISH] Colorful Nucleus! Only in December!
  36. GS Recruitment February 2017
  37. [IMPORTANT] Genki Mounts Bug II
  38. [NEWS] Update News!
  39. [UPDATE] New Class and much more is here!
  40. [STAFF] GS Recruitment January 2018!
  41. [UPDATE] February 05 maint - fixes
  42. [RULES] Social Rule situation in our server
  43. [RULES] Map Restriction Removed
  44. Rate Improvement: Normal Alchemy table
  45. New update is here!
  46. GM Wish: New Nuclei!
  47. [NEW] GM Surprise: General Information and List of Items
  48. [SHOP] Vivid and Sparkling Nucleus and Combat Mounts!
  49. [SURPRISE]Limit expansion!
  50. [GM WISH] Equipment Box: Taro Set!
  51. March News 2019: musical nuclei!
  52. [SERVER] Official Discord
  53. Reminder of Game Rules of our Server
  54. GS Recruitment - 2019
  55. New Rate: Arenas x2! For ever!
  56. [NEWS] Drops Increased!
  57. Change email associated service: not available anymore