Hi, Guys!!
Once again we bring you news about the coming update . This time we'll give you much more precise information about what to expect.

Ok, first of all lets give some details of what the update is about.
-Class System expanded
.New Class! Mechanic.
.New Skills 91+
.New Masteries 91+

-Archive Expanded
.A lot of new items and most of our released items have been added to the archive.

-New Maps
.Alternative Dimension maps have been added to the game, along with the corresponding missions.

-UI Expanded
.New Skill Bar
.Ingame Clock has been added.

-Guild System Expanded.
.The new guild dungeon (Yggdrasil) has been added to the game.

-Mentorship System
.If you are an experienced player, you can now select a few apprentices and earn rewards!

Everything listed above is already working properly!

At this moment we are in the final stage, adjusting details and prepearing the new client to release it. This is a very delicate stage, and we must face it with patience and precision.

Now then, the most important of all: When will this Update be available? Very Soon! Even thou we cannot give you an exact date, we belive it will be ready around the last days of November.

Thank you for your atention and patience! As soon as we have more news you will hear from them! Soon we'll give an exact date for the Update Release.

Atentamente, Staff IG.-

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