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Tema: [UPDATE] New Class and much more is here!

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    29 sep, 14

    [UPDATE] New Class and much more is here!

    hey guys!
    We finally have a release date for our new update

    It will be released next monday, November 27th. During our maintenance we'll deploy this update, which might take several hours to complete, and servers will remain offline during this time.

    Given the many changes that this new update brings, we recommend you download do a fresh install of the new client, which will be ready to play as soon as you install with no need to wait for the launcher to do any downloads. Of course you can wait until monday and let the launcher get you the update, but this might take a while.
    You can download and install this new client without generating any conflicts with the current Ignit Games Client.

    How to download?
    We offer you two download methods:
    One-File Download: you can download this single file (3.5gb aprox) which contains all the needed components to install the new client. Once download, just unzip it and run iggfv3.exe.
    Multi-File Download: instead of getting one big file, you can split your download into 4 1gb files. Once you get the 4 files, make sure you have them all in one folder and just run iggfv3.exe.

    You only need to download one of these options. The two options are there just in case you can't download a single big file for whatever reason.
    We recommend you to use any download manager(Internet Download Manager)

    One-File Download

    Multi-File Download
    Parte 1
    Parte 2
    Parte 3
    Parte 4

    -Download the new client, be that with the One-File or the Multi-File Download.
    -If you used the One-File method, unzip the file.
    -Make sure all 4 files are in the same folder (iggfv3.exe, iggfv3.2, iggfv3.3, iggfv3.4).
    -Run iggfv3.exe
    -Follow the installer steps until the end.
    -Ready! You are now all set to join our game next monday November 27th, after maintenance.
    be the first to try the new class!

    If you need a step by step guide on how to install our new client, just visit this video:
    coming soon...

    Update Content
    If you wish to know what this update brings in more detail, please visit the following thread

    Atentamente, Staff IG.-
    ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♠ ♣ ♦ ♥
    Ignite Games - Administrador de Grand Fantasia
    Si tienes alguna duda por favor envíame un pm || If you have any doubts please send me a pm

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    22 nov, 17
    what time is the update??

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    11 nov, 14
    Are we there yet?

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