Dear friends!
A new year begins in our community and we believe that the time is right to recruit new members for our GS team.
2018 brings many changes for our server, a new class, new maps and of course, new players.

We want to invite you to participate in the 2018 GS recruitment for Ignit Games - Grand Fantasia.
What are we looking for?
Motivated players who wish to bond and work as a team with other players.
-Respectful and friendly people
-With a solid knowledge of the game
-Day availability
-Very eager to participate!

If you think that you have one or more of the above described traits, do not miss this opportunity to become part of the GS team of IgnitGames 2018!

Recruitment will be available for 2 weeks, starting today January 10 and ending January 24, 2018.

Remember that this possition does not entail any kind of fees or special benefits. It is an opportunity to participate in the growth of our community.