Hello friends!

Today was our monthly maintenance for February, and we have added some fixes, including:
-Quests Vocations: could not be completed in the absence of an npc. Now, within the corresponding dungeons, you can find these npcs.
-Sets PvP: they were not giving the appropriate effects to reach the bonus pieces. It has been fixed.
-Talentos: They could not be learned and the talent was consumed. Now they work correctly!
-Non-Experience pills: they did not allow to gain experience of culture or of mount. This was not what we wanted with these capsules. They have already been fixed!
-Chimera and Taros schedules: after the update, the schedules were not those published in our forums. It has been fixed.
-Ruinas Ritual: the quota was limited to 2 people. We have increased it to 5 as before the update.
Thanks for reading and your understanding! If any of these things continue to not work as expected, please contact us.