Hello friends! this time we bring you a new event related to our Alchemy events!

-Description of the event:
While our Genki Mount Alchemy Event is on, Make a video where you burn up to 100 magical clays. You can burn less, but no more! The video should show clearly that you burn up to 100 clays or less, and must show, at the end of the video, all the items you got listed and ordered and, with your mouse, you should review each item to see its description. If your video does not meet these requirements, it will be disqualified!

Event Conditions:
You must make a video where you can see how you burn up to 100 clays in our current Genki Mount Alchemy of the month.
-The video does not require any type of editing.
-The name of your character must be visible.
-Both your backpack and your Sprite's must be visible.
-In your backpack you must have all the clays that you will burn in your video. Never more than 100!
-Preferably, you must show the alchemy table in your video.
-At the end of the video, you must list and order the items you obtained. In addition, you must pass the mouse over each of them, so that their name and description can be seen.
-The title of your video on youtube should be: Burning X Clays in Player Alchemy <Month> 2018 at Ignit Games Grand Fantasia
example: Burning 100 clays in Player Alchemy March 2018 at Ignit Games Grand Fantasia.
-Your video must be public and be listed.
If you wish, you can use the following tags in your video. This will help our server become more popular!
Grand Fantasia, GrandFantasia, Private Server, Player Alchemy Event, Grand Fantasia, Alchemy Player, Private Server, Grand Fantasia Private Server, Clays, Burning Clays, Clay Event, Grand Fantasia Private Server, Grand Fantasia Event, Player Alchemy, Genki Mount Alchemy Event , Clays Event, Clays, Alchemy Event, Alchemy Event

How to participate:
Once you made the video with the conditions established above, you simply respond to this thread, with the following information:
-Link to your video
-List of the items you got, with their value in coins.
-Total of Coins obtained.
-Name of your character as it shows in the game (important! Or you will not receive the clays).

Example of participation:
Items list:
Blessing of the Sprite King Lv 2 x3 149 447
Blessing of the Sprite King Lv 3 x2 1999 3998
Blessing of the Sprite King Lv 4 x1 2999 2999

Total Coins Obtained 7444
Name of my Character: Usopp


-All who get more or equal amount of coins than Usopp: 100 magical clays.
-The 5 players who came closest to Usopp, but did not exceed his coins: 50 magical clays.
-All who have burned up to 100 clays, but did not reach Usopp: 25 clays.
These prizes are not cumulative!

-You do not need to burn 100 clays! You can participate by burning less!
-If you burn 100 clays, make a video and post here, but you are not among the finalists, you will earn 25 clays never the less!
- Do not burn more than 100 clays in your video or they will be disqualified!
-Once you have finished your video, you can continue to burn as many clays as you want!
The event will be open until Sunday March 11 at 23:59 server time!

Link: Español.
Link: Portugues.