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Tema: Getting to know this game/server

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    Getting to know this game/server

    Hello guys.. im new to this server.. i have played the game back in aeria games but thas was few years ago..
    so i can say i forgot how the gameplay is..

    i have a few questions to ask..

    1. is the game in english?
    2. is there an english community in the game?
    3. is the game server near SEA? coz im from SEA it wud be nice to have a low ping
    4. where can i find a class tree.. like this class will turn to this class when u reach specific level..
    i try looking on google or forums and i cant find the class data im looking for..
    5. i know this is a private server.. so im just gonna ask if there is a freebie and where/how can i get those..

    thank you!!!

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    hello there!

    Yes game got few translations like English, Spanish and Portuguese
    Yes we have english community! also a guild!
    No the server is not located at Sea
    You can google Grand fantasia Classes and it will show up alot information the classes we dont have at this time its the new classes like time traveler or samurai. Not sure if coming on a new content they relasing soon! there is a link with some class information.

    If you have another questions feel free to ask.

    Greetings: Pestilence~
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