Hi, guys! In this ocasion we bring to you a new Screenshot event, themed under spring and autumn seasons.
As you may know, in some parts of the world spring is about to start, and in others it is autumn season, that's why you will be able to chose one of the two seasons for your screenshots.

To participate you must take a screenshot of your charactes in our server, in a place that you consider either springy or autumny.
Later, you can add extra elements to your imagen to add some charm, as long as they respect our event theme.

You can edit your Screenshot as much as you want, using any digital or manual tools that you want.
The most creative and original images will be chose as the winners!

Event Rules

1. Each player may only participate/win once. IPs will be checked as usual. If you try to participate more than once, none of your submissions will be considered.

2. Each player must post one screenshot in the original thread along with the in-game name of their character.

3. The screenshot must follow all our server and forums rules, or else it will be deleted and the player will not be allowed to participate again.


We will have at least 5 winners, who will win the following prizes. If we get a lot of participants with awesome Screenshots, we may allow more winners!

Final Notes

The event will remain open until October 1st!
These rules can be modified if necesary.

Spanish Translation: Click here!!!
Tradução para o Português: Clique aqui!