Hi, guys!
We expand our GM Delux Wish once more!

You can now claim Equipment Box: Taro Set x3:
-Taro Set Box: Get 1 random Taro gear piece from all the level 90 available sets.

So, by opening the box you can get 1 of the following pieces:
Set del Amante
Beso de Amante Taro
Protección de Amante Taro
Romance de Amante Taro
Opción de Amante Taro
Despedida de Amante Taro
Set del Demonio
Susurro de Demonio Taro
Corazón Siniestro de Demonio Taro
Huesos Envenenados de Demonio Taro
Temblor de Demonio Taro
Carga de Demonio Taro
Set del Ermitaño
Silencio de Ermitaño Taro
Refugio de Ermitaño Taro
Máscara de Ermitaño Taro
Garra de Ermitaño Taro
Sigilo del Ermitaño Taro
The Taro set Boxes will be deployed from February and they will be consider as 1 Delux Gm Wish, granting you 3 boxes per wish.

Of course, claiming each individual piece as a full Delux GM Wish will still be possible!

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