News March 2019!

Hello friends! In this publication we bring you different news that you will find useful!

The first of all, is a change in the server that we wanted to perform for a while. As of the month of March, all the objects that are on file will be considered as "released". That is, they can be ordered as GM surprises (in the costume pack or as individual delux surprises) or used for player alchemy and other events.
So get creative with your future player alchemy tables!

In other news, during the month of March, the following nuclei will be available as Rotating Surprises (24999):
Núcleo Musical de Fuerza
Núcleo Musical de Vitalidad
Núcleo Musical de Inteligencia
Núcleo Musical de Voluntad
Núcleo Musical de Agilidad
They can be found in file (category: others, section "rare items"). Its quality is equivalent to that of a living nucleus.

Remember that since February the amount of normal surprises that can be requested monthly to 4 has been expanded, making the total of monthly surprises 6!

These are some of the many changes that come on our server! We continue with the intention of offering you the best possible experience on a private Grand Fantasia server.