Hi guys! Next Sunday at 13:20 server time we will have a Genki Mount Alchemy , which will last 30 minutes!

The goal of this Alchemy is purely and exclusively to farm to synthesize your favourite mount and get the stats you want!

I'll show you a screenshot of how our Magic Alchemy will look that day!

Ronda 1
Montura de Combate Tigre Verde
Trozos de Alquimia
El Pony Maldito
Montura Azulejo Dichoso
Montura Zorro Negro de Pareja
Montura Tigre Blanco de Lujo
Montura Cebra del Pastizal
Montura León Violáceo

Ronda 2
Montura de Trigre Loto Supremo
Montura Cebra del Pastizal
Trozos de Alquimia
Helicóptero a Vapor
Montura Real Conejo Orejas Caídas Violeta
Montura de Sapo Sagrado y Veloz
Montura de Combate LoboRabioso
Montura León Guerra de Acero

Ronda 3
Montura de Combate Tigre Gelido
Trozos de Alquimia
Montura León Alado Astral
Montura Gato Sinfónico
Montura de Combate Pinguino Roly Poly
Montura de Oveja Valiosa
Montura Cebra del Pastizal
Montura de Combate Otto el Mastín Infernal

Round 4
Montura de Combate Tigre Rojo
Motocicleta del Vengador Sprite
Trozos de Alquimia
Montura de Combate Pingüino Amarillo
Montura Helado de Sprite
Montura Caballo de Guerra de General de Fuego
Montura de Combate LoboRabioso
Catión Sombrío

Round 5
Montura de Combate Tigre de las Sombras
Trozos de Alquimia
Montura Sundae Arcoíris
Montura de Combate Doble Escorpión Nocheoscura
Montura de Combate Pingüino Travieso
Montura de combate mecadragón
Nyan Noche Estrellada
Montura de Lobo de Combate Llama Mística

Do not miss out on this opportunity to farm Alchemy Pieces and Mounts !!!
Or take this opportunity to sell them and collect gold ♥

If you still do not know how this system works do not hesitate to visit
this fabulous Genki Mount Guide made by our GS:Click Here!

Event Date

The Event will be held on the day Sunday March 24th at 13:20 server time and will last 30 minutes.
To find out the server time, use the /date command in game.. If you do not know how to use it, click here!

We hope you enjoy the event and wish luck to those who decide to participate !!