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Tema: [GUIDE] How to run Grand Fantasia Online on a Mac

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    [GUIDE] How to run Grand Fantasia Online on a Mac

    In this guide I will show you how to run Grand Fantasia Online on a Mac. While the Mac operating system may not be able to run the game their own, there are still ways to play it on a Mac computer!

    You'll need to install Windows on your Mac or install a program that can emulate Windows in order to run the game. Here's a couple programs you can use to do so;


    BootCamp is a free software that comes with most later Mac models that allows you to install Windows 10 on your Mac and switch between MacOS and Windows when restarting your Mac. It's a little inconvenient having to restart your Mac every time you want to switch between operating systems, but it's still a good way to play the game. However, your Mac has to meet certain system requirements in order to use it.

    Using BootCamp

    You can learn more about BootCamp, how to use it, and the minimum requirements your computer needs to meet in order to use it by clicking this link.


    VirtualBox is a free software that can emulate Windows and various other operating systems on a Mac. It will run Windows in a separate window on your Mac and unlike BootCamp, you don't need to restart your computer or switch operating systems in order to use it. It's certainly convenient not having to restart your computer but it may not be as powerful or efficient.

    Installing and using VirtualBox

    Install VirtualBox on your computer by going to this link and clicking the link that says 'OS X hosts'. The installer will guide you through the installation.

    If you need help installing or using VirtualBox, check out the official user manual by clicking this link.


    Parallels is a premium software that can run Windows in a separate window on your Mac similar to VirtualBox. It's much more efficient and easier to set up and use than VirtualBox and is a great way to run the game. Unfortunately, it's not free. There is a 14 day free trial and after that's up you'll need to pay in order to continue using it.

    Installing and using Parallels

    Install Parallels onto your computer from the Parallels website. The installer will guide you through the installation and set up.

    If you need help installing or using Parallels, check out the official installation guide.

    But what about Wine, PlayonMac, or Wineskin? Can I run the game using those programs?

    As far as I'm aware you cannot... I've tried it myself and it didn't work. :( However, if you do know a way to run it using those programs I'd love to know! Feel free to reply in to this thread if you do.

    Downloading and setting up the game

    Once you've set up Windows, whether it's on BootCamp, VirtualBox, or Parallels, it's now time to download and setup the game!

    Step 1: Download the game

    Start by downloading the game's installer by clicking this link. Once you've downloaded it, run it to start installing the game. If you're having trouble with the installer you can try the alternate installer by clicking this link.

    Step 2: Run the launcher

    After you've installed the game, run the game's launcher. It should look something like this.

    If you can't find the launcher, try opening up the File Explorer and going to the folder you installed the game to. The File Explorer can be accessed by clicking the folder icon at the bottom navigation bar of your screen.

    By default the Grand Fantasia files should be in the 'Program Files (x86)' folder which can be accessed by going to 'My PC' and then 'Local Disk (C:)'. Open the Grand Fantasia folder and the Launcher should be there. You can also search for the launcher using the File Explorer search bar.

    If you don't want to have to go to this folder every time you want to run the game, I'd suggest creating a shortcut on the desktop by right-clicking the launcher and clicking 'Create shortcut'.

    Once you've found the launcher, click it to start it up. If you're having problems with the Launcher, try running it as an admin by right-clicking it and selecting 'Run as administrator'. If that doesn't help, try looking in the official installation guide by clicking this link.

    Step 3: Wait for the game to patch and adjust the game's language settings if needed

    The launcher will need to patch a bit before you can start the game. This may take a while, so I'd suggest making sure the game's language settings are correct while you wait. Start by clicking 'Opciones'.

    Then click 'Sonido'.

    Now select your preferred language and click 'Confirmar' to confirm your changes.

    Once the launcher's finished patching, click 'Comenar' to start the game!

    Step 4: Play the game!

    Now you're ready to embark on your adventures in Grand Fantasia Online!

    Enter your game login information and select 'OK'. If you don't have an Ignit Games account, you can create one on the official website. Keep in mind that your forum account is different from your game account. The login information you use on the forums will not work in the game.

    Select your server and channel and click 'OK'

    Now you get to create your player character by customizing their name and looks. You can preview the different classes your character can become by clicking the class names on the right. You also get to customize a sprite that will be your character's companion throughout their adventures. Choose wisely because while it is possible to change your character and sprites looks and skills later in the game, you may need special items to do so!

    Tip: Try to decide on a class before you create your character and customize your sprite's class so that it's skills benefits your character's class. For example, if you're planning on making your character one of the warrior classes, try setting your sprite's class to one that includes crafting warrior equipment such as swords or warrior apparel! You can hover over the skill icons for a detailed description on what the skills are for and what classes they benefit.

    Once you're done customizing your character and sprite, click 'OK' to begin the game!


    Having trouble? Check out the official installation guide for frequent problems you may encounter and ways to fix them. If you're still having problems, try asking in the official Discord server or in the 'Help and Support' section on the official forums.

    Official Installation Guide -
    Official Discord Server -
    Help and Support forums -

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    nice!! thats the way thank you alot for this

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    beautiful work !! congratulations and success!

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    thanks for sharing, very detailed
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