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Tema: [OFICIAL] Instalation guide and Frequent problems.

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    21 dic, 16

    My problem doesn't appear to be on this list

    I had a problem with a .dll file but this guide helped me fix that. Once it started to launch though, I ran into more problems. Now it's saying I have a NumberEffect.cpp (356) error, along with a few that pop up before this one, that entirely closes out the game when I press on the ok button. I keep trying to find a way to fix it but I'm not coming up with any luck. If you could please help that would be awesome!
    Thank you, TheForsaken
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    25 dic, 17
    i have this probleme i desactivated parefeu and antivirus still the same probleme Erreur 0x40002005
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    29 sep, 14
    Hi! Please try pressing "Escaneo" button once you open de Launcher.exe (yellow icon). Please press "Escaneo" many times, till your client is fully updated

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    18 oct, 18
    Seguí la guía, pero al abrir el juego, justo antes de poder iniciar sesion la pantalla se ve en negro y se cierra el juego

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