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Tema: Player's Alchemy Event

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    Player's Alchemy Event

    How to participate?

    You must post a picture of your desired Alchemy table along with a list of all the items and quantities in the original thread. You must include your character's name in game as well. You can only participate/win once. We will pick 3 finalists, who will be rewarded 50 clays and then the players will vote between them and choose which table they want for this event.
    Available guides to design alchemy tables: With Paint - With Photoshop- With Online Website.

    What items can I pick?
    - Items from Archive items (low ranked items), Item Mall and Bonus shop, (except items from special events such as Christmas, Valentine's, World Cup, Halloween, etc... unless we are near that time of year).
    - Items from Normal and Deluxe GM Surprises, but not from the GM Surprise of the month.
    - We only accept item quantities of x1 or with the same quantity as they have in the Item Mall.
    - If you choose GM Surprises or mounts, we only accept 3 of each they must all be in the 4th and/or 5th round.
    - Rounds 1 through 4 must have a minimum of 2 consumables each and at least one item is worth 49 AP or less.
    - We do not accept armour sets such as PvP/GvG/etc. No Sage Stones, Magic Alchemy Clays, nor Normal Alchemy Clays.
    - If you include Saphael's Soul of Honor or Taro Metal, they must be in quantity of x5 in the 5th round.
    The staff reserves the right to not select any alchemy in the event that all players participate with very outrageous Alchemy tables.
    In the event where a table does not follow the quantity rule, the admins can select the table but change the quantities after informing everyone.

    Players can show Admins their Alchemy tables before posting them to receive clarification prior to submitting.
    Please do it via private message.

    Please see the original thread for deadlines and to participate.
    How to reach the original thread: Go to
    and click on the most recent "Evento Alquimia del Jugador" thread.

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