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Tema: [GUIDE] How to submit a ticket to GiocoPay?

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    [GUIDE] How to submit a ticket to GiocoPay?

    Hi guys!!!!!

    This is a guide explaining how to submit a ticket to GiocoPay in case you need to contact them about your donations.

    First of all, we must clarify that we are not GiocoPay. GiocoPay is a service we have hired in order to make donation transactions easier on our server. Because our community has players from all over the world with all sorts of different currencies, we believe it is more accessible to hire a service instead of creating one ourselves.

    Note: When you donate to GiocoPay, you are not directly buying AP in our server. You are purchasing a GiocoPay code which you can enter on our website to receive your AP.
    If you are having any issues regarding GiocoPay, such as not receiving your code, you can submit a ticket to GiocoPay Support.

    How to Submit a Ticket

    1) Log in on GiocoPay with your account:

    2) Go to "GET YOUR CARD" and then click "Paymentwall".

    3) You'll see an option named "AYUDA" (it means HELP in Spanish). Click it!

    4) A list with all your donations will appear, including the ones you finalized and the ones you did not. On the left, you will see the button "Crear la solicitud". Click it!

    5) And there you are! In this pop up window you can submit a ticket asking what happened with the specific donation you are having trouble to finalize. Is important to put a valid email address, otherwise they will not be able to answer you. In addition, turn AdBlock off if the pop up window is not appearing.

    These are the steps to take when you are having problems with a donation on GiocoPay. If you donated via SMS, credit, or debit and you didn't receive the message containing the code, submit a ticket with these steps. If you would like any more consultation, please follow this guide and contact GiocoPay Support, they will answer you ASAP.

    Hope this guide is useful for you!
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