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Screenshot Event: Show us your Desktop Wallpaper!

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  • Screenshot Event: Show us your Desktop Wallpaper!

    Hi guys! This time we're having a new Screenshot Event!

    There are a few steps you must take to participate in this event.

    1) First you need to take a Screenshot of your character in our Server, with high HD quality, because later you will add it to your desktop background.
    Don't forget to press ALT + H when inside the game, to remove skill bars, names, etc.
    "Nami! Nami! Can we edit this screenshot of GF?" Yes you can!

    2) Once you have your Screenshot ready, you need to add it to your desktop background, as a Wallpaper!
    To change the desktop background, you should right click your desktop background, then go to Personalize and look for the option there.
    If you are having trouble to do this, please ask us so we can help you!

    3) Now you need to take a new Screenshot but this time showing us your desktop with the GF Wallpaper! This is the Screenshot you will use to participate in the event!
    "Nami! Nami! Can we edit this new Screenshot?" No, you can't edit this screenshot! We want to see your real Desktop Background and how it looks like with a GF Wallpaper of our Server.

    Remember that our forum rules does not allow advertisement for other games or servers! Please remove any icons from your Desktop that do not follow this rule ^^.

    Event Rules

    1. Each player may only participate/win once. IPs will be checked as usual. If you try to participate more than once, none of your submissions will be considered.

    2. Each player must post one screenshot in the original thread along with the in-game name of their character.

    3. The screenshot must follow all our server and forums rules, or else it will be deleted and the player will not be allowed to participate again.

    4. If a player wishes to edit their screenshot after posting it, they may do so by editing their own comment before the event ends.

    Final Notes

    The event will be over on the night of March 31th. You have more than two weeks to participate!
    The event rules may be modified in the future if necessary.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns! Whether you don't know how to upload Screenshots, or adding your Screenshot to your Desktop Background, don't hesitate to ask us!

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