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  • Halloween Screenshots Event

    Hi guys!! This time we bring you a Halloween Screenshots Event !!!!

    To participate, u must take a screenshot of ur character in our Server and add content related to Halloween.

    The most creative and original images will be chosen as winners!

    Event Rules:

    1. Each player can participate / win 1 time only. There will be IP revision as usual.
    2. Each player can participate with only one image and must publish it in this same thread, leaving the name of his character.
    3. The image must not violate any of our rules of the game or the forum, otherwise it will be deleted and the user disqualified from the event.
    4. If a player posts an Image and a few days later wants to replace it with another one, this will be allowed only until the end date of the event.
    They can do so by editing their own comment.


    The event will close on November 11 at night.
    The prizes will be announced along with the winners !!!

    The rules of this event can be modified during the event if necessary.

    Any questions or questions do not hesitate to ask!

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