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  • Game Sage Events System

    Game Sage Event System

    Hey guys! This time we bring you a new Game Sage event system!!

    Our GameSages will be making events during the days of the week.
    The day and hour will be totally random, but we will try to cover different time zones so that everyone may participate.

    What events will the GS do? These are the ones for now:

    Search Events

    Search for the item event. The GS will announce via world chat/broadcast that the first player to bring a certain amount of an item to the GS will be the winner. This process will be repeated 3 - 5 times, one winner per item. What items will the GS request? Well, gray color items, useless ones, but the player will need to go and collect the amount asked and give them before anyone else does. First ones to trade will be winner.

    Search and Guess NPC/Mob Event. Game sage choose 3-5 mobs/npcs from different maps and take note of any of their qualities (color, clothes, skin, hair, etc.) Then for each mob/npc GS will do a quiz, giving clues, and players will have to guess what mob/npc GS is talking about. First clue GS will give is MAP where this mob/npc appears, this way players will be able to go there and try find the mob/npc. GS keeps giving clues till first player to say in Universe chat the name of the mob/npc, wins. This process will be repeated for each mob/npc, so GS will have one winner per mob/npc and a total 3-5 Winners.

    In this kind of event, participants may win only once. Prizes will be:

    1st Winner = 1 Box IG Evento I
    2nd Winner = 1 Box IG Evento II
    3rd Winner = 1 Box IG Evento III
    4th Winner = 1 Box IG Evento Normal
    5th Winner = 1 Box IG Evento Normal

    Questions Events, Word Scramble, etc.

    Questions and Answers. Game sages will ask 10 questions in world chat one at a time. The first player to answer correctly will be the winner for each question. Topics can be related to the game or other categories such as music, sports, movies, other games, etc. Questions can also be in a Quiz format like guessing Archive items, etc.

    Word Scramble. Game sage will do 10 questions each one with one Word Scramble. First player to say the correct Word will be the winner for each one. 10 questions, 10 winners.

    Simon Says. Game sage will ask the players to come to a designated location and will ask players to complete 10 commands. The first player to correctly complete the command will be the winner. 10 commands, 10 winners.

    Players may only win 2 times in this kind of event. For each correct answer they will get: 1 Box IG Evento Normal.

    All these events are our official ones for the GS and of course we can add new ones in the future. The game sages do not have any permission to realize any other event in-game regardless of these ones, unless it's an official event previously announced in the Event forum section.

    Game sage event Rules

    Following rules have already been added to our in-game rules thread. Link:

    -It's not allowed to win more than the stated times for any event, either using a different character, friends account, etc.
    -It's not allowed to interrupt in any way possible an actual event going on, spaming/ insulting/ bothering / accusing the GS or the rest of the participants.

    Languages used for the events

    GSs have permission to do events directly in Spanish and English language. If any Brazilian GS wants to do an event, he will have to do it in Spanish language and in any case translate to Portuguese each sentence he says, but he won't be able to do the event directly in Portuguese language. We will not allow GS events just in Portuguese language for the simple reason that the Admins do not speak/understand Portuguese. Any problem that may occur during an event in Portuguese we will not be able to understand any screenshot sent and will have no clue about what happened, this is the main reason in why we will not allow any event in this language or any other language that is not English or Spanish.

    Although any player may participate in any event being in Spanish or English.

    Any question don't doubt in asking us!
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