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Hi I am new to this server.. I speak english

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  • Hi I am new to this server.. I speak english

    I was wondering if this is a bug or something but when I get to the log in screen I can write and everything but I cant click with my mouse so...I am not able to click on a server and log in...
    I hope anyone can help even if I speak english

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    So you can still see the screen properly and everything? Can you move your mouse on the client and see it moving around, but just unable to click? Maybe it's just your mouse that has problems? o.o
    If you're using a laptop, try using the touchpad?


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      I dont see it so properly and I can move the mouse but I cant click
      and I tried the touchpad


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        I do have screen shots but I cant share them dunno why D:


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          You need to upload them online. Post them here later?

          EDIT: We fixed it in private messaging
          In case anyone else is having the same problem, here is how to fix it:

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