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  • Please stop removing this

    Please stop removing the Lover's Grinding Package, after you get all your lover buffs, or a few potions. You need something to use your coins on when you don't need potions or skills.

    The reason why it should be in the game like the official server I can base this on several reasons on why it needs to stay on the server.


    Gaias lv1-4 people don't like losing their exp/dura whole grinding, gaias shouldn't be a premium only thing.

    Charms - kinda useless on this server unless you use all of them since charms don't have the same effect on the official server compared to this one. Getting 220k exp per kill in warped echo cave (lv65 raid dungeon) use a 25% charm and only get about 4k more when you should be getting about 55k more. (This is an example, wec gives about 240k per mob onn this server). The charms gotten through the lover's grinding package range from 25-100% exp charms 25-50% gaias ranging from 12 hrs, 24hrs and rarely 7 day (European or 100% gaia gems don't drop from this, if it does then its really rare)

    Clay - Its ok to want donations but for people that don't feel like to speed or they shouldn't be force to spend, you'll rarely sometimes get 2x clay albeit this is particularly rare to get

    CS/Stat pots - you can get both lesser and greater stat pots, good for grinding or pvp, really shouldn't have to spend ap to get these. These boxes were in the game since Grand Fantasia started, literally should have been never removed from this server in the first place.

    Misc - can also get various hp/mp pots of many different levels and other misc items sometimes

    Cons - costs 20 lover coins per box (which isn't totally bad since you can grind dungeons since bosses will give you prestige towards getting the coins. 20 prestige or fame points = 1 coin (adds up if you aggressively farm.
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    yeah...... after maxing out the buffs there isnt anything else to spend points on except more pots xD

    Hope ussop decides to bring this back!

    Didn't realise it was removed til a few weeks after


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      i miss this box... :T


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          Hi guys!! Mmm we never removed it in purpose, it came like this with the update... Not sure if developers will look into it, becouse they still have a lot of more important and pending bugs to fix

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            It would be good to have that back. Coins are pretty useless now.


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              Pls ! Hand over this object :/


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                otra vez removeron esa bolsita...


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                  We need the box pls
                  Y no se muere quien se va, sólo se muere el que se olvida.


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                    opino igual que los gringos porfa que vuelva la cajita


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                      que vuelvan las cajas :C

                      Especialmente para una amiga muy querida <3


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                        Que vuelvan las cajas de corazones plizzz tambien mw gustaria eso


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                          las pondremos nuevamente

                          we'll add them again

                          Pero como dijo nami hace algunos meses: nosotros nunca cambiamos esto. No sabemos por qué desaparecen ni tampoco por qué vuelven a aparecer :O
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