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GUIDE: Taro King and Emissary Spawn Times Update.

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  • GUIDE: Taro King and Emissary Spawn Times Update.

    Hello guys! In this post we will provide details of the most up to date Taro King and Illusionary Emissary Spawn times with their respective locations.


    Lv. 93 <Taro King> Hermit:
    Blood Soaked Bay: (713, 458)
    Thursday: 11:00am - Sunday: 14:00.

    Lv. 93 <Taro King> Demon:
    Sprite Tear Forest: (133, 601)
    Monday: 11:30am - Saturday: 14:00.

    Lv. 93 <Taro King> Lover:
    Kaslow Wilderness: (720, 356)
    Tuesday: 11:00am - Friday: 14:00.

    Lv. 98 <Taro King> Strength:
    Sorrow Peninsula: (517, 886)
    Thursday: 11:30am - Sunday: 14:30.

    Lv. 98 <Taro King> Zodiac:
    Glazefrost Mountains: (127, 467)
    Wednesday: 11:30am - Saturday: 14:30.

    Lv. 98 <Taro King> Moon:
    Dreamer's Plateau: (96, 295)
    Tuesday: 11:30am - Friday: 14:30.

    Lv.93 Taro King - Death:
    Vapor Vale: (572, 186)
    Thursday 12:00pm - Sunday: 13:30.

    Taro King - Wheel of Fortune:
    Dazzledell Hollow: (582, 792)
    Wednesday: 12:00pm - Saturday: 13:30

    Taro King - Emperor:
    Port Riptide: (236, 393)
    Tuesday: 12:00pm - Friday: 13:30

    Illusionary Emissaries

    Lv. 90 <Illusionary Emissary> Alpha Yen:
    Aurawhisp Hamlet (X:639.151, Y:232.943)
    Monday 11:00am

    Lv. 93 <Illusionary Emissary> Iota Zhong:
    Frostfire Pass (X:534.548, Y:578.733)
    Monday: 13:00

    Lv. 90 <Illusionary Emissary> Beta Shu:
    Aurawhisp Hamlet (X:648.388, Y:236.3)
    Tuesday 13:00

    Lv. 90 <Illusionary Emissary> Gamma Wei:
    Aurawhisp Hamlet (X:641.974, Y:235.052)
    Wednesday 11:00am

    Lv. 93 <Illusionary Emissary> Kappa Zhi:
    Heirloom Peninsula (X:138.804, Y:193.119)
    Wednesday 13:00

    Lv. 90 <Illusionary Emissary> Delta Yi:
    Aurawhisp Hamlet (X:651.427, Y:234.075)
    Thursday 13:00

    Lv. 90 <Illusionary Emissary> Zeta I
    Frostfire Pass (X:532.365, Y:576.454)
    Friday 11:00

    Lv. 93 <Illusionary Emissary> Epsilon Huang
    Heirloom Peninsula (X:143.784, Y:195.881)
    Friday 13:00

    Lv. 93 <Illusionary Emissary> Omega Xi
    Heirloom Peninsula (X:151.606, Y:194.643)
    Saturday 11:00am

    Lv. 90 <Illusionary Emissary> Eta Yip
    Frostfire Pass (X:533.029, Y:577.237)
    Saturday 13:00

    Lv. 90 <Illusionary Emissary> Theta Zhi
    Frostfire Pass (X:533.789, Y:577.997)
    Sunday: 11:00am

    Lv. 93 <Illusionary Emissary> Sigma Guang
    Heirloom Peninsula (X:145.138, Y:188.852)
    Sunday 13:00

    Quick reminder that the hours listed within this thread is Server Time!
    What are you waiting for? Time to go hunt them down!

    Please let us know if you see any discrepancies within the previously listed bosses

    Ignit Games Staff.-

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