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New Rule about Restricted Maps and Quimera Title

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  • New Rule about Restricted Maps and Quimera Title

    New Rule about Restricted Maps and Quimera Title

    Hi guys!

    This thread is to inform you about this new rule we are implementing today.

    As we all know, each GF map or area has a level restriction to get to it, this means your character needs to have certain level to be able to go to each map. From now on it will be forbidden to go to the maps that are not for your level. If a character is found in a map or area where he could not have gone by itself, but someone took him there, wheter using a 2 person mounts or any other way, this character will be punished.

    Rules extends to the use of Quimera's Title, because to get this title you need to go to a map that has a level restriction.

    We won't take any action against characters who already have the title, because many of them got it before this rule was added, but we will take actions against players that are seeing from now on using the title without haven the required level. The required level to use Quimera's title is 70.

    Punishment for this new rule:

    1st Offense: 5 days.
    2nd Offense: 10 days.
    3rd Offense: permanent.

    Link to Server Rules:

    To report players that are not following this new rule you need to take Screenshots where we can see the character's level and the map where they are, or the level and the Quimera's title, and report the evidence in this forum section: Denuncias.

    Remember that forum section is private. This means that if you post anything in that section, no one else besides you and Admins will be able to see it. Same way, you are not able to see what other players post there. Purpose is to hide reporters identity, to avoid fights, hate, etc. between players.

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