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Level Restriction Rules and List of Maps with Minimum Level Allowed

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  • Level Restriction Rules and List of Maps with Minimum Level Allowed

    Level Restriction Rules and List of Maps with Minimum Level Allowed

    Hi guys! As well know, each map on GF has level restrictions. That means your character level must be higher than the minimum level for that map to be able to access it. It is forbidden to go to a map on our server with characters that have levels below the required level. If a character goes to one of these maps through means such as using a double mount, the help of another player, or any other methods, the character will be punished.

    This rule extends to the use of the Chimera title and teleportation stones. To obtain and use the Chimera title, your character must be level 70 or higher.

    Furthermore, there are also level restrictions on stones. If a stone has a level requirement of 66 (written in the description of the item), you can not use that stone in your equipment if your character level is under 66.

    Here is the new rule that has been added into our server's list of rules, along with details of how long the punishment will last:

    9. Level-associated Restrictions
    Entering areas that are not for your level through unfair means is not allowed. Each map/area has a level restriction and it must be respected. This rules extends to:
    - The use of Chimera's Title: You can not use this title if your character level is under 70.
    - The use of stones that require a specific level: You cannot put stones that are not for your level in your equipment.

    1st Offense: 5 days.
    2nd Offense: 10 days.
    3rd Offense: permanent.

    Link to our full server rules:

    To report people breaking this rule, you must find the character on the map they are not allowed to be in and take a screenshot of it. We do not accept screenshots with only a picture of your Friendlist. Please remember that in order to report someone, you must make a post in Denuncias: Note: This forum section is private. If you make any posts in this section, only you and the Administrators will be able to see it and no one else. In the same manner, if anyone else reports a player, you can't see their posts either. This is to protect the identity of all people who make reports.

    This is a list with maps and required levels, for those who don't know what levels are allowed in each map. It includes dungeons and other instances.[/I]

    Name of the Map - Minimun Level


    Siwa Island: Lvl 1
    Blue Bay: Lvl 6
    Shell Hill: Lvl 6
    Ironwheel Beach: Lvl 6
    Kaslow Plains: Lvl 6
    Moonlight Forest. Lvl 6
    Steam Mine Mountain: Lvl 6
    Kaslow: Lvl 6
    Ilya: Lvl 6
    Jale: Lvl 6
    Sprites' Forest: Lvl 6
    Ancient Forest: Lvl 6
    Red Ridge: Lvl 6
    Belcar Plateau : Lvl 6
    Black Swamp : Lvl 6
    Southern Island : Lvl 6
    Plague Forest : Lvl 6
    Bone Reef Peninsula : Lvl 6
    Angoya Island : Lvl 6
    Land of Sighs : Lvl 6
    Scorching Wind Desert : Lvl 6
    Misty Wetlands : Lvl 6
    Lost Highlands : Lvl 6
    Gaia Woodlands : Lvl 6
    Blakatoa Range : Lvl 6
    Prism Island Prairie : Lvl 6
    Twin Lion Mountain : Lvl 6
    Knight's Valley : Lvl 6
    Eternal Mountains : Lvl 6
    Oblivion Border : Lvl 6
    Winterflake Forest : Lvl 6
    Ancient Polar Ruins : Lvl 6
    Auris Bay : Lvl 6
    Sakura Island : Lvl 10


    Spirit Valley : Lvl 70
    Misty Plateau : Lvl 70
    Golden Sandbar : Lvl 70
    Aurawisp Hamlet : Lvl 70
    Frostfire Pass : Lvl 70
    Heirloom Peninsula : Lvl 70

    Time Rift

    Blood Soaked Bay : Lvl 65
    BSprite Tear Forest : Lvl 65
    Kaslow Wilderness : Lvl 65
    Rebel Base : Lvl 80

    Sorrow Peninsula: Lvl 76
    Glazefrost Mountains: Lvl 76
    Dreamer's Plateau: Lvl 76
    Vapor Vale: Lvl 86
    Dazzledell Hollow: Lvl 86
    Port Riptide: Lvl 86

    Alternate Dimension

    Alternate Dimension - Ironwheel Beach: Lvl 70
    Alternate Dimension - Steam Mine Mountain: Lvl 70
    Alternate Dimension - Red Ridge: Lvl 70

    Normal dungeons (quests for exp and gold)

    Prarie Cave : Lvl 17
    Condemned Mine : Lvl 26
    Deserted Temple : Lvl 36
    Echo Cave : Lvl 40
    Old Siwa Island : Lvl 45
    Roaring Maw : Lvl 50
    Holy King's Tomb : Lvl 56
    Ancient City of Vines : Lvl 60
    Sunken Mechanical Fortress B1 and B2 : Lvl 63
    Phoenix Tower : Lvl 68
    Black Flame Ruins : Lvl 73
    Forbidden Temple : Lvl 78
    Crying Sailor : Lvl 83
    Blazing Kaslow : Lvl 86
    Condemned Island : Lvl 88
    Ship of Despair: Lvl 77
    The Collapsed Mine: Lvl 85
    Forsaken Temple: Lvl 88
    Prismata: Lvl 91
    Distorted Dimension: Lvl 96

    Mutated dungeons

    Warped Prairie Cave : Lvl 43
    Warped Condemned Mine : Lvl 53
    Warped Echo Cave : Lvl 63
    Mutated Ancient City of Vines : Lvl 68
    Mutated Sunken Mechanical Fortress : Lvl 73
    Mutated Phoenix Tower : Lvl 78
    Mutated Black Flame Ruins : Lvl 83
    Mutated Forbidden Temple : Lvl 88


    Sprite Island : Lvl 1
    Guild Base : Lvl 6
    Sprite Academy : Lvl 15
    Mystic Gylph Ruins : Lvl 20
    Hellfire Battlefield : Lvl 21
    Trial Maze : Lvl 31
    Sprite Battlefield : Lvl 31
    Sprite Kings' Fight Club : Lvl 31
    Hall of Judgement : Lvl 31
    Chiyu Temple : Lvl 31
    Endless Trials : Lvl 31
    Guild War : Lvl 31
    Ilya Guardian Battlefield : Lvl 31
    Nightmare Corridor (1-30) : Lvl 61
    Lost Realm Cave 61
    No Lost Realm Cave : Lvl 71
    Reversed Lost Realm Cave : Lvl 81
    Destiny Trial : Lvl 65
    No Destiny Trial : Lvl 75
    Reversed Destiny Trial : Lvl 85
    Colosseum Temple : Lvl 71-80 y 81-90
    Nightmare Corridor (31-45) : Lvl 75

    Update: Guys, after the level 100 Update, the level restrictions for the mutated dungeons have been lowered by 3 levels. These new levels are accepted! We will update our list of level restrictions once we verify the new levels of each dungeon.

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