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  • [RULES] Ingame Rules Grand Fantasia

    Ingame Rules Grand Fantasia

    These rules are necessary to maintain order and respect within the game. All our players must follow these rules.
    There will be consequences if any of these rules are broken, varying from a simple warning to a permanent account ban depending on the gravity of the situation.

    Social Rules

    1. Inappropriate Language
    Insults and offensive language are not allowed in our Server. This includes inappropriate name of characters (in this case, the Admin may modify the name of the character without a warning in advance).

    2. Discrimination and Racism
    This is not allowed in our Server at all.

    3. Using a GM name or impersonate a Staff member
    This is also not allowed. Upon discovery, the account will be permanently banned with no exceptions.

    4. Behavior with Staff members
    Spreading negative rumors, insulting, or trolling a GM/GS/Admin in public, etc. will cause an account ban.
    Spamming an in game event with insults or any unnecessary complaints is not allowed either. In an Admin/GM's case, the Admin/GM may ban the player who is interrupting the event for the event's duration. In the GS's case, the GS will take evidence and report it.
    If a player has proof that certain GM/GS is abusing their power, please let us know via private messaging.

    5. Behavior with rest of the players
    Spreading negative rumors about a player, accusing him, denouncing him, harassing him, is not allowed in our Server. If you have any complaints about a player, take Screenshots and report it via Forum in the "Denuncias" section (it is a private section in which only Admins and GMs can read your reports. The rest of the players will not see the post.)

    6. Publicity
    Publicity is completely forbidden in our server. These includes publicizing other servers, other services or products that are not related to Ignit Games and hack links or key logging websites. Ban may be permanent in this rule, depending on offense.

    7. Character Names
    The name of your character must respect all social rules of the game. It also must be in a format that is readable; not full of excess, random special characters.

    Game Rules

    1. Hacks
    Hacking and cheating is extremely forbidden. In grave hacking cases or in continuous hacking, in addition to banning the account, we will also ban all accounts linked to the IP. Players who share IP such as playing in the same house and account sharing, please be careful about this rule.

    2. Buying or selling items/accounts.
    The following are not allowed: buy/sell items/accounts for real money, buy/sell items/accounts for items/accounts from other Servers, and from other non-GF Online products/services.

    3. Fraud / Scam
    It is very hard to check scam cases in the game. So only thing we will do (if you show us enough evidence of the scam) will be to ban the scammer. We will not return any lost item/account back.

    4. Bots and Macros
    Unattended use of automation softwares, either bots or macros is totally forbidden. If a user is found performing suspicious actions in-game and is questioned by another user or member of the staff, the player shall respond within a reasonable time, otherwise it will be considered AFK (unattended use) and will receive a punishment.
    . If the user responds, they will not receive punishment even when using a software of automation of actions.
    . If you want to report someone violating this rule, you must record a video showing that the user is not in the blocked list and that they are doing repetitive actions without responding to you within a reasonable time.

    5. Bug Abuse
    Any bug abuse is forbidden. If you know of a bug we have in game, you must to report it to us immediately without abusing it.

    6. Rankings and PVP
    Any kind of action that ruin a PVP instance and allow a player/team to win in an unfair way is not allowed. Any kind of action which unfairly increases your rank in any of the Rankings is not allowed either. This rule applies to all Rankings, not just the ones for PVP.
    Most common cases:
    . Going to Hall of Judgement or Arenas with friends in agreement to kill each other, or let yourself be killed, etc.
    . Going with second characters. AFK characters to fill an arena is not allowed anymore (secondary pjs used in this case will receive a permanent ban).
    . Trading crystals with an enemy player without attacking each other to gain more points.
    . Etc.

    7. Respawn Arena and GW
    Attacking players at the respawn spot is not allowed, unless they start to attack you, in that case you may attack them back. This means that zone can't be used as a "safe zone" to attack and not be attacked.
    What is considered spawn point?
    Any of the following Yellow Circles is considered a Spawn Point. If a plyer is within those boundaries, you need to wait for him to leave them before attacking.

    Where should I stand to attack an enemy leaving the spawn point?
    You must be outside the green circle, and casting outside the yellow circle. If an enemy is standing in those same circles, and you are outside, you are free to engage.

    8. Chief Reset
    Interrupting players who are already killing a boss is not allowed. This includes stealing a boss or resetting it.

    9. Level-associated Restrictions
    - The use of Chimera's Title: You can not use this title if your character level is under 70.
    - The use of stones that require a specific level: You cannot put stones that are not for your level in your equipment.

    10. Participating in GS/GM Events
    Players are not allowed to win more than the stated amount of times for any event, either using a different character, friend's account, etc. or any similar actions to win Events in an unfair way.

    11. Participation in Beast Tower
    When entering the VFS, the player commits to participate actively in it. This means that you must use your character to the best of your abilities to defeat the enemies on each floor. Staying afk, using only basic attacks or very few skills will be considered as failing to this commitment.
    In applying this rule, administrators will consider the evidence presented and determine whether or not there was a lack of commitment on the part of the defendant.

    Punishment for Server Rules
    1st Offense: 5 days, or permanent depending on each case.
    2nd and next Offenses: 10 to 30 days, or permanent depending on each case.

    Account Related Rules

    1) Accounts
    The only owner of any IG Grand Fantasia account is the owner of the email associated to the account.
    Admins will only change account data if you write us using the email associated to your account to: [email protected] or [email protected].

    2) Account thieving
    Admins will not be responsible for the lost of an account, characters, or items.
    In the case a player makes a report with in game Screenshots showing enough proof to charge a certain player, we will ban that player's account, and we will give the stolen account back to the reporter, in its actual conditions. This means that if you are missing something in your account, we won't look for it or give it back, and if you are missing characters, you will not recover them.

    3) Investigating and access to accounts
    Admin can log in any player account, but only Admins have this power.
    In case of account thieving investigation, Admin may ban accounts for undetermined time until investigation is over.

    All rules can be changed if needed. Any change will be announced.
    Please report every player who breaks these rules via this section: Denuncias

    Remember you need to show proper evidence (Screenshots or Videos), otherwise we will not be able to take any action.

    Please write us if you want to ask anything.

    Admin Ussop:
    Link Perfil:
    Email: [email protected]

    Admin Nami:
    Link Perfil:
    Email: [email protected]
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