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List of important bugs in the server.

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  • List of important bugs in the server.

    Hello Usopp, as we talked before, here is the list of some important bugs we players found in the server:

    currently known issues
    - The halloween candy (dulces) effect goes off when you exit an instance ( dungeon) when it should stay on even when you leave an instance.
    - There's a bug on the walls of the dungeons Desert Temple and Phoenix Tower (also the entrance for this dungeon is bugged), if you click on the map to auto walk, the character stays blocked.
    - There's a bug on the sprites, they disappear from their cottage sometimes, when they should be there.
    - The buttons to set favorite titles are not working.

    fixed issues
    - some invisible walls won't let you pass in Phoenix Tower.
    - After the samurai archive patch, the level 20 combat mounts disappeared from the archive.Fixed. (please confirm)
    - Traveler class still has the Final Destination requirement to complete the dungeon REP quest, while the other classes don't have it.Fixed. (please confirm)
    - For Machinist class, once you reincarnate, the class change quest of level 16 is gone, players can't class change once they are reincarnated. Fixed. (please confirm)
    - The White Ruins dungeon (Dungeon for 5 people in Jale that has a daily REP quest for xp) is bugged, it only lets 2 people enter instead of 5.Fixed.
    - The OVNI mount should be able to be used in dungeons (instances).: Fixed.
    - The 5xp and drop rates are lowered and aren't as they were announced in the server info. : Fixed.
    - The classes of Machinist can do infinite Mission Orders ( Monster Board REP quests you can buy).: Fixed.
    - The Traveler class Mission orders ( REP dungeon quests that you can buy on the Board) aren't able to be completed, this bug was found first on Desert Temple REP.: Fixed.
    - The Traveler class only has Legacy items on archive, it's missing the Yellow + Purple (amarillos + morados).: Fixed.
    - The Tower of Beasts bug on the 12nd and 13rd floors: The boss leaves the middle area, when he shouldn't leave it.: Fixed.
    - The fame when you turn in items in altars is bugged (Not x5 as announced in the server info) This bug was detected on Frost Altar in Eternal Mountains and all altars on the maps of higher level too.: Fixed.
    So far these are the bugs that affect the most our game experience. Other than that it's only small bugs with less urgency.

    I'll update this list if I find anything else important.

    Thank you for your hard work and attention :3 <3

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    That thing that allow us to quickly change our titles isn't working too, here's a picture of it:

    You should be able to select your three favorite titles and they supposed to be showed first in this list, but isn't working ;-;
    Bang Predator 100


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      I believe it has a bug in skill Sniper Stance of Predator, because 15% of physical damage of the skill does not work.


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        Eventos cronometrados não aparecem : Porco Rei, Baia Azul;
        Não é possível trocar de titulo com os botões favoritos 1, 2 e 3;
        Feriado Lv.15 Vamos Conquistar com Braço Forte (REP) - Pega em Kaslow, não tem tem as flores em Planície Kaslow;
        Quest de reencarnação não existe para personagens criados recentemente.
        Onde foi descoberto? Na conta do personagem Rainha.
        Data do primeiro report? 03/12/19 13:40 (GMT -03)
        Número de reports: 2.
        Desapareceu o npc para mudar os pontos do Guardião de Saphael;
        Itens semi e lendários ativam no inimigo ao mesmo tempo.
        Descrição: As armas mecha L.50 de 1 mão (+25% dano recebido no alvo) ativam juntas, causando assim +50% dano recebido... Coisa que tinha sido desativada no patch onde a classe foi liberada. O mesmo se aplica para o cajado 85 (reduz defesa física e mágica), oque não deveria ocorrer. [ 13/ 03/ 2019 ]

        Events timed dont appear: Pig King, Blue Bay;
        You cant switch titles with favorite buttons 1, 2 and 3;
        Holiday Lv.15 Let's Conquer with Strong Arm (REP) - Pick up in Kaslow, dont have the flowers in Kaslow Plain;
        Reincarnation Quest doesnt exist for newly created characters.
        Where was it discovered? In the character account Rainha.
        Date of first report? 12/3/19 1:40 PM (GMT -03)
        Number of reports: 2.
        Vanished the npc to change Saphael's Guardian points;
        Semi and legendary items activate on the enemy at the same time.
        Description: 1-hand L.50 mecha weapons (+ 25% damage taken on target) activate joints, thus causing + 50% damage received ... Thing that had been disabled in the patch where the class was released. The same applies to staff 85 (reduces physical and magical defense), which should not occur.[ 03/ 13/ 2019 ]

        El eventos cronometrado no aparece: Cerdo Rey, Bahía Azul;
        No es posible cambiar de título con los botones favoritos 1, 2 y 3;
        Feriado Lv.15 Vamos Conquistar con Brazo Fuerte (REP) - Toma en Kaslow, no tiene las flores en Planicie Kaslow;
        Quest de reencarnación no existe para los personajes creados recientemente.
        ¿Dónde se descubrió? En la cuenta del personaje Rainha.
        Fecha del primer informe? 03/12/19 13:40 (GMT -03)
        Número de informes: 2.
        Desapareció el npc para cambiar los puntos del Guardián de Saphael;
        Los ítems semi y legendarios activan al enemigo al mismo tiempo.
        Descripción: Las armas mecha L.50 de 1 mano (+ 25% daño recibido en el blanco) activan juntas, causando así + 50% daño recibido ... Cosa que había sido desactivada en el patch donde la clase fue liberada. El mismo se aplica para el bastón 85 (reduce la defensa física y la magia), lo que no debería ocurrir.[ 13/ 03/ 2019 ]
        Archivos adjuntados
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          Giu, about the item link... It happens because you're playing in Portuguese, and the other player is currently using another language (spanish in this case)... So the item names get messed and shows the item name in other language and the item name in our language at the same time, one above the other... I guess there's no way to fix this, since the server uses 3 different languages.
          The same for item drops.
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            can be


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              Si es lv50 compra ordene de OSI (o cualquier otra dg lv65-), la completa haciendo todo, pero no entrega al tablero aun...olvida de entregar y sube de nivel hasta 65, cambia de clase y va al lv66.
              la ordene no deja mas entregar al tablero! Pero antes eso era posible con todas clases. Ahora, con viajero no esta posible.
              Creo yo, que es porque en la ordene de OSI (y de otras dungeons lv65-) solo tiene como entregar con clases bajas.

              Alfin, ese es mi report, ya que no vi nadie hablar sobre eso.