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  • Webserver not online.

    Problem: Unable to register new game account.

    Steps to reproduce problem:


    Problema: No se puede registrar la nueva cuenta de juego.

    Pasos para reproducir el problema:

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    Hi! Kinfusion!

    What is what you actually need to do? Create a new account or recover a lost password? Those are different problems, and have different solutions:

    Create a new account:

    If you need to create a new account, go to: and click on Create New Account, it will ask for a User Name (Account Name), Password and Email. This will send an email to the email address you put, and there you will have a link to activate and validate your account. After this steps you will be able to log in our Server with that account.

    Recover a lost password of an account you already created but lost the password:
    Go to:
    Click on Retrieve Password. Enter your account name, click Submit. It will send an email to the email address associated to your account, with a link to retrieve your password. If you don't remember what email is associated to the account, or you don't have access to it, this option won't help and you will have to contact Admis, I mean me or Usopp for further help.

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