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Tema: Event: GF Behind the Screen

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    Event: GF Behind the Screen

    Hello boys and girls! In this occasion we bring you a Photography Event!

    The idea is simple, to share one aspect of your life, be it the thing that you most like to do, your favourite sport, maybe favourite place, friends, favourite food, your home, your bedroom, maybe your garden, the balcony, the city where you live, a precious object that brings you joy or memories, old toys that you refuse to throw away, if you're collectors, or even yourselves could be on the photo if you dare to!

    We do not accept pets photos, that is because in the future we'll do a specific Photography Event of your pets

    It is a requirement that your photo includes a piece of paper with the name of your character ingame and it is allowed to use edition programs if you so desire.
    Also a little explanation of what you are showing in the picture!

    Here are some examples:

    The most beautiful images, with good quality, interesting, funny and/or creative will be selected as winners!

    Event Rules:

    1. Each player may only participate/win once. IP will be checked as usual.
    2. Each player must post 1 screenshot in the original thread along with the in-game name of their character.
    3. The screenshot must follow all our server and forums rules, or else it will be deleted and the player will not be allowed to participate again.
    4. If a player wishes to edit their screenshot after posting it, they may do so by editing their own comment before the event ends.
    5. Please post to the Original thread.

    Final Notes:

    This event will be closed on the night of September 30th.
    The event rules may be modified in the future if necessary.
    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

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    Y no olvides leer las reglas de nuestra Comunidad:
    Reglas del Juego - Reglas del Foro

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    29 sep, 14
    To join access the spanish link!
    Click here!
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