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Tema: Can't create a new account on the gf website

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    28 oct, 19

    Can't create a new account on the gf website

    I would like to play gf on this server but i cannot create a new account. I tried to use a different email address, but no email are sented to my email addresses to confirm my account (i also checked in spam. When I try to login, a message appears with "Login failed. Please check your username and/or password and try again." or "You have an error with the captcha image. Please try again.".
    So please, is there a second way to create an account?

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    13 abr, 20

    There is no other option to create an account. Have you tried doing it with another Internet Browser?

    I tried several times with Chrome and never had a problem. Maybe your domain is blocking the site emails besides don't having any restinction aplied.

    Check those things and the give us feedback. Thank you!

    Kongou TH - 7X


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